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New Years Giveaway from Logitech: Stay Organized in the New Year with a Gadget that Fits in Your Handbag

by on December 20th, 2013



ATTENTION CUTEGEEK FANS!! Resolving to keep things more organized and productive in 2014? One way to stay organized is to re-organize the handbag you carry around every day and all the gadgets you throw inside it. I am so used to carrying around oversized handbags with everything I could ever need inside – whether laptop, iPad, camera or make-up. One can say my purse is a battle zone or the black hole. My resolution…Get a smaller purse (I say this yet I know that won’t happen…we can all dream), remove the clutter and use these tips to keep myself organized in the New Year:

  1. Downsize – swap e-readers, notebooks, planners and business card holders for an iPad mini. Couple it with a keyboard, such as the Ultrathin      Keyboard Cover for iPad Mini and the tablet becomes as productive as a computer, only slimmer, lighter and cuter.
  2. Prioritize a special space for a smartphone to always find it in a hurry.
  3. Use travel-sized versions of everything from tech to beauty accessories
  4. Download productivity apps like WeTransfer and DropBox. This will remove the need to carry around extra bulky files!

Cutegeek and Logitech are giving away one Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Mini (Purple) to one lucky winner in the New Year.

To enter the contest you must follow @cutegeek and @Logitech with #cglogitechcontest. Go further to make you stand out and comment, favorite or retweet the contest. The more buzz the better!

Winner will be chosen on January 1, 2014. Winner will need to provide cutegeek staff with their mailing address. Logitech will ship the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Mini to the lucky winner right after the New Year. Good Luck Fans!

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by on December 16th, 2013

As the holidays approach, let’s not forget to help an important cause like Nearly 500 million unused “junk phones” sit in peoples’ homes across the US.  (I think I have a burial ground of Nokia’s and Blackberry siting in my closet).

Take time today to join to help survivors of domestic violence by donating all your old cell phones for them to be refurbished. After being refurbished they will be donated to benefit NNEDV’s Safety Net program which educates victims struggling with domestic violence how to use technology to find safety from their abusers.

The process is simple…Register on which takes less than 5 minutes; rummage around your home for all your used phones and print the free shipping label. Before you package it don’t forget get to erase your password and personal information, power it off and lastly deactivate all accounts on the phone.

All you now have to do is ship it and you have now helped a victim struggling though domestic abuse and guess what?! They have extended this program till January 9th, 2014!

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by on December 2nd, 2013

Happy Cyber Monday Cutegeekers! I have been anxiously waiting the count down timers and making sure my credit line is open because Cyber Monday is about to happen. I categorize my Cyber Monday go to’s like most through Google…

I then figure out the shipping deals before I invest in purchasing. offers a great selection of sites that offer free shipping or have deals depending on the price point you spend. offers free shipping on all orders. will be adding new deals every 10 minutes throughout the day and also the week. Tell us where your shopping today! #cgcybermonday @cutegeek

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