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The Ford Experience w/ Andy Lutzky

by on June 28th, 2013

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This year I was invited again to the Ford Go Further Event for cutegeek. Mr. Andy Lutzky from Ninandy dorkshardwaregeeks was my partner in crime and long time SF friend.Our first day we had the unique experience of going to the Ford Museum which I didn’t get to do last year. This was epic to me. I’m from Texas wozland of trucks, tractors and SUVs. We are indeed doing the robot and attempting to hi-5’ing it outside the Ford museum.

The opening presentation was the unveiling of the “Opening in Highways” artwork restored that was an advertisement first printed in 1925 with Woz.

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Monday Monday Monday!!! FORD HERE WE COME!

by on June 23rd, 2013

Andy Nina and The WozTexas and Trucks go hand and hand; I’m from South Texas. My cousin’s name is Ford (we tried to get him to the event but he is underageSad smile) and my family has been proud Ford owners since I can remember. I will never forget my grandfather’s Ford truck and how he loved it so.

Andy and I go to Ford on Monday 6/24 for cutegeek and hardwaregeeks! Andy and I have known each other for over 5 years and he was one of my first friends in San Francisco; we are like brother and sister.

I have written for cutegeek since 2009 and Andy has always been a huge supporter. To attend an event like Going Further with Ford with Andy now as a writer is exciting! Our only dilemma is neither of us have driven standard in 3 years…on race day we will be in the automatic laneSmile.  We are however technology geeks and both opinionated in different aspects vehicle technology. Continue Reading…

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It’s Epic

by on June 17th, 2013

CelluonBack when I worked for the product group marketing team at Dell circa 2007 I was in a staff meeting when one of my executives informed me on this new cutting edge technology…for the record this was pre iPhone. Technology that projects a keyboard pattern onto any flat and opaque surface in a form of laser seemed far fetched at the time. Till this day I want to thank that executive for being a visionary and opening my eyes on what technology could be.

Epic is the wave of the future. There has been many conversation online about if we have to learn how to re-type…Come on guys we live in a world of iPad, iPhones, and many other touch censored devices; it won’t be that difficult. Embrace it and love that we now don’t have to dust keyboards with air dusters anymore. Let’s get rid of those dusty old keyboards and get the Epic…Plus it’s an awesome name…EPIC!

Full-size QWERTY Keyboard
(also available in German QWERTZ)
  • 19mm key pitch
  • Overall keyboard size: 100mm height, 240mm width
  • Recognition rate: 350 characters per minute
  • Light source: red laser diode (IEC Class 1 Laser)
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Last minute Father’s day gift baskets

by on June 13th, 2013

Gift BasketGift Basket 3Gift Basket 2

Father’s day is on Sunday and for those who don’t reside in the same state or city as your father I found the perfect site. offers gift baskets for Father’s Day with rush shipping to make it there in time. has a variety of baskets from beer baskets to themed baskets like the BBQ basket. I love this website because there are so many options to choose from and even has a father’s day tab which made searching easier.

If your in search for a unique gift for your dad is an amazing site to check out.

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Andy’s first post for Hardwaregeeks!

by on June 12th, 2013

As we prepare for our Ford trip, Andy with Hardwaregeeks (sister site to cutegeeks) is already posting!

Here is his first post on hardwaregeeks about AMD’s latest 5GHz FX series chip.


Stay tuned for our journey to Ford together…should be EPIC!

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Victoria Secret’s SEMI ANNUAL SALE! Get the app!

by on June 10th, 2013

It’s that time again! VICTORIA SECRET”S SEMI ANNUAL SALE STARTS TODAY! For those who know me know I have a small shopping problem. Since I was 15 working at Hot Dog on the Stick at the mall I have attended every year (I was buying scented lotion and make up that youngSmile).

Call me crazy but I love the ciaos of the sale! Women frantically going through the bins as if there will be no more lingerie tomorrow; it’s hilarious to watch.

Then came the internet…yeah I am that old.  The semi annual sale online was so much easier then throwing elbows or tackling someone for lingerie (the sale is that fierce).

Then the app…MIND BLOWING!

Besides the fact that you can shop on your iPhone the filter option is amazing. No more digging ladies! Now you can filter by size, style, and for bra’s padding level. There is also a barcode reader/ QR reader with the app.

I however had a blast with the Victoria Secret’s app making myself into an angel and getting my wings.

The sale ends on June 24th; may the shopping force be with youSmile!!

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NINA & ANDY are going to FORD!

by on June 10th, 2013


I am proud to introduce Andy Lutsky; our newest addition to our sister site hardwaregeeks. I met Andy 5 years ago and immediately bonded with him…we are both GEEKS!

Andy comes from a huge PR background including working for the 49’s (niners not neeners) and will be a nice addition to cutegeeks/ hardwaregeeks family.

Andy and I will be leaving SFO on 6.24.13 for the go forward with Ford event together. We will be tweeting and Fb’ing but most importantly we will be giving cutegeek/hardwaregeeks the entire scoop of our Ford adventure.

Andy and I going to FORD is better then double stuffed Oreos. Follow us on @nrpena,@rockatalic, @cutegeek, and @hwgeeks.  We promise to entertain you with our witty knowledge of technology and our fabulous humor.

Stay tuned for the hash tagsSmile.

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Cutegeek is going to Ford again for the Further with Ford event

by on June 3rd, 2013

Go Further 13That’s right cutegeek fans Ford is sending me back to Detroit for the Further with Ford event. This weekend I got my travel plans and I got a bit excited. Since this is my second year I have some improvements. This year I am taking my DSLR to make sure I get cutegeek fans great photos, my pc instead of taking notes (since I type faster), several different chargers since that was an issue for my last year including my Waka Waka solar charger for race day since we are not near outlets on the track.

Like last year I will be tweeting on nrpena/cutegeek and my FB as much as possible plus taking as many video’s as I can. We all know I love tail spins on race day so stayed tuned for my big trip June 24th-June 26th.

Send me any questions you may want me to ask Ford as well!

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