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Favorite Apps for the Summer

by on May 30th, 2013

MLBSummer Summer Summer time…time to sit back and unwind…It’s summer time which means it’s SF Giants season! In SF we bleed the orange and black; SF does have the best fans! If your in to baseball you must get the At Bat App.

After you download it will ask if you want to be charged but I went with the “Go Lite” feature (which is free). It lets you pick your favorite team; obviously I picked Giants. With this App you can check real time scores, schedule, watch game of the day, and personalize your team picks.

Summer means road trips (or maybe that is the inner Texas in me) and for those who don’t own cars and want to do a road trip get the Frugal Car App. It gives you inexpensive options for rental cars of various budget rental car companies from different designations to book immediately.Seatgeek

It’s concert season! I love Summer because there are so many festivals and concerts and I found the perfect app for this season and my FAV…SeatGeek! I have fallen in love with SeatGeek! It’s pretty simple name the artist or venue and choose the date. It immediately brings you to a screen with the concert arena map and seats available plus pricing from different ticket hubs. All you have to do is click on your seat of choice and purchase on your iPhone. This by far is the best app for the summer for any concert goers.

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It’s hip to be Square

by on May 22nd, 2013

SquareLast year I got an intuit card swipe that connects via 3.5 mm jack to my iPhone for my CCFA SF funding raising. It was a bit of a hassle. It directed all payments to a credit card they send you; after fees and energy wasted I stopped using it. I don’t believe people have time to redirect funds from a credit card to a bank account.

I noticed allot of businesses around my area were using the Square Register. I had to check it out for the 2013 SF CCFA walk.

Signing up is easy and the square card reader is free. I decided to sign up under the “Team Nincompoops Take Steps Walk” so that those who donate get an email receipt with that exact title. After signing up and entering  my banking information within 7 days I had my new square.

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by on May 15th, 2013

Ooshirt startHappy Web Wednesday! For 5 years I have used Vista Print for business cards and costumed made shirts till I found My mind was blown by the customer experience. For a large quantity and low cost this website is it! Ordering personalized products online is one sided. Once your receive the confirmation it’s a waiting game to see if your graphics translated well to the product once delivered.

ooshirts has a unique option where you can consult with a graphics artist for free before you place the order. The usability on the site is also simple; designing t-shirts at a low cost is amazingnincompoops shirt. I was toying with putting a QR code on my shirt for the walk I do annually for The graphics artist worked with me to configure it to a better resolution and reconfigured it to a high resolution file. I decided to go with a plain pattern for Team Nincompoops without the QR code simply because less is more for a non-profit organization and it’s economically sound.

I should be receiving Team Nincompoops shirts a week before our Take Steps Walk on 6.8.13 for Given their customer service experience I am confident on their quality and looking forward to my team shirts! For any non-profit or large company event I suggest ooshirts for their customer service experience alone.

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Technology for a good cause- Waka Waka Solar Powered Charger

by on May 14th, 2013

Waka Waka

The Waka Waka is a solar powered device that charges your batteries for any phone with a USB charger in under 2 hours, while still providing hours of solar light. The Waka Waka is the first solar product that cutegeek has reviewed that benefits a non-profit organization,the Waka Waka foundation.

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NBA App for your iPhone

by on May 8th, 2013

SpursIt’s NBA playoffs time! If it’s not obvious I am a Spurs fan; I’m a born and raised Texan. For all those with a smart phone with Google play or iPhone owners the NBA app from Sprint is such an awesome app (I believe as of now only Sprint customers have access to this app).

NBA app keeps you updated on the score, schedule, league rosters, standings, and video highlights. The app also plays audio of the games just in case you are on the road or not near a TV.

I have had the NBA app for a while now and sometimes when watching the game I test it’s accuracy and it’s always dead on. The app also has a notification alert just in case you can’t listen or watch.

For those with an iPhone or a phone with Google play you can download the NBA app for free. If your into Basketball you should definitely check out this app.

GO SPURS GO!!!!! Sorry WarriorsSmile

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Mothers Day Guide for the Cutegeek Mom!

by on May 7th, 2013

As a reminder Mother’s day is on Sunday, May 12th and Mother’s day for Mexico is May 10th. Mother’s day isn’t just flowers anymore; mom’s enjoy the current technology as well (how else do they stay in touch with their children in a world of social media and smartphones)?

Below are some product ideas to geek up your mom or geek up your wife (on behalf of the kids) for Mother’s day. 

Kate Spade Tech Accessories: The iPhone 5 Floral Picnic Wristlet and the Deborah Dot iPad Folio

Kate Spage Navy

Kate SpadeiPad

I was going through the mall yesterday and noticed that Kate Spade had some pretty fun spring tech accessories. I went online and checked out their tech section further and found these really cute accessories for your iPad or iPhone. These two designs caught my eye but they also have several options on the Kate Spade website (and they offer free shipping).

The navy iPhone 5 Floral Picnic Wristlet retails for $70.00 and the Deborah Dot iPad Folio (cover) retails for $85.00 on their website. If your working on a budget they also have some pretty cute cases that are less expensive that are located under the “Tech Accessories” tab.

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Website and Apps that make life easier ;-)

by on May 1st, 2013

It’s Web Wednesday and I have a link and insights on Apps/ Websites that will help you in one way or anotherSmile.

glasses I just recently found out about Yes I am geek to the core; my vision is laughable so until I do laser surgery I invest in cute glasses. Check out and they have a 50% sale going on with limited days left. If you already have your prescription this is an easy way to stock up on some new summer glasses!moves

There is an app called Moves that I just found out about. Have you ever wondered the commute from point A to point B? Moves is a free app that records any walking, cycling and running plus shows when you commute on public transportation. The app is always on and will track your movements if it’s in your pocket or bag (or purse).

This app is also perfect when you may have left you card at a restaurant during a fun night; it’s the high tech version of retracing your steps. It truly is an automatic diary of your life if you will. It’s your daily trajectory and where you land throughout the day…I feel like my phone is stalking me but in a good waySmile.waze

Waze is an amazing GPS traffic and navigation app for commuting real time. It’s a community-based traffic and navigation app. Where you can join other drivers in your area who share real-time traffic and road information like lane closures. For this app I recommend dashboard holders for your car since it’s to the minute and it’s just not safe fiddling with your phone while driving on the 101. Great App though! My only concern is what happens if your Waze buddies cut you off on the 101?

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