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Jeans for the Geeky Dude- I/O Denim

by on April 4th, 2013

Spring is the time of year to get rid of last years fashion and move forward with today’s latest trends for the geeky dude in your life (significant other, brothers, or etc.). I know at cutegeek we normally write about products for females but this is one of those gifts that is for him but really for you. After all there is nothing better then a well dressed geek!

Ladies I introduce you to the First Edition Jeans w/ I/O Pocket by I/O Denim. iPhone 5What makes I/O Denim chic and geeky is the sleek I/O pocket for your iPhone 4 or the Galaxy 3. The day of hooking your smartphone on your belt is over; sorry men but that is a HUGE fashion no no.

The First Edition Jeans w/ I/O Pocket are $115.00 which is reasonably priced for men’s jeans; I should know I grew up with all boys and also married. Cutegeekers looking to spruce up any dudes wardrobe should can locate them here; they come in various denim colors and sizes.

As we all know women are the major decision makers of the household and these jeans are approved by this fashionista! If only they made them for ladies…oh wait that is what is purse is for I guess? Hint hint to the designers at I/O DenimWinking smile!

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How to monitor your reputation on Google with Reputation Changer

by on April 3rd, 2013

Sign InSince the birth of Social Media your online Google reputation is becoming more and more important especially when applying for a job or if you’re a blogger like myself. The kind folks at Reputation Changer set up an interview for me with the President of Reputation Changer, Michael Zammuto, for a demo of the website which helps you moderate your potential online google threats. Currently Reputation Changer is rated the industry’s #1 Online Reputation Management service by  Michael guided me through the website showing me the importance of each tab and how the dashboard worked. It was a brief call and I was curious to create my own account because it’s just not a proper review without me testing it out.

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