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Best Geeky Valentines Gift Ever

by on February 20th, 2013

mkOne day Marco saw that one of my SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals on my Ubling pink case  was missing! I was crushed! I went back to my older cases and it just didn’t seem right. I felt like I had a rock in my shoe but it was my iPhone case.

For Valentines day after my week long EPIC disappointment of all cases…Marco got me this and well it’s just my style and matches my MK goulashes, MK scent and MK purse. AHH my life is now complete with my Michael Kors Case and its only 38.00 on!! I’m not spoiled; I’m a bargain shopperSmile!

Honestly it has no crystals which is nice because I believe there is an epic war going on in the make up department of my purse…RIP Mascara you promised long lashes and for your brief life span I still don’t have longer eyes lashes therefore to the perfumes roller balls wins. 

Regardless of my purse wars this case has already went to the battle zone and still looks magnificent. It does help I’m rockin the ZNitro glass screen protector…This case may be Nina Certified.

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Tech at a Concert- Attended Musiq Soul Child Love Affair Concert

by on February 15th, 2013

musiqWe all know I’m a geek and sometimes I can’t help being outspoken when I see technology fail. Certainly not in a vulgar way more so “Why do you think your current technology failed?” kinda way. I don’t judge I’m still on a PC slowly migrating to Mac.

For Valentine’s day two blocks from mi casa is the great Love Affair Concert at the Warfield (if you haven’t seen a concert at the Warfield you haven’t lived). The show included Donell Jones, Teedra Moses and my man Musiq Soul Child.

What was interesting about the technology on this concert is some artist used Macs for their music and some used traditional turn tables.For Musiq Soul Child’s encore they had a small technical issue to which Musiq Soul Child played off well on stage but for us geeks I knew what was going on. Technology is made by humans and well we aren’t perfect…though we trySmile.


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It’s Valentines day- Why not get the Breakfast at Tiffany’s app for your Smartphone?!

by on February 14th, 2013

What lady doesn’t like Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Now you can get the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Broadway edition on your Breakfast at Tiffany’s Broadway’ game is available on iOS, Android and Amazon for $0.99. The game is designed to promote the Broadway world premiere of Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Broadway which will begin in March however the game is available today on itunes. See press release below. Continue Reading…

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Favorite Product of Macworld- zNitro glass screen- Nina Certified

by on February 5th, 2013

I live 3 blocks from the Moscone Convention Center where Macworld is held therefore I was aware of the Macworld geek invasion to my neighborhood and fully embraced itSmile. Geeks Unite!

My favorite product from Macworld and for good reason is the Nitro Glass (formally known as “clear protector”) which is is a tempered glass screen protector that’s hammer tested. The booth did get allot of attention since they had a Robot dancing on their Nitro glass screen iPad doing Gangnam Style.

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Macworld/ iWorld 2013- Ashton and Josh on Jobs Movie

by on February 4th, 2013


I had the unique opportunity to attend the interview at Macworld with Ashton and Josh on the Jobs movie for cutegeek coming soon to theaters in April.

What I loved about the interview is that Ashton did his homework on Steve Jobs plus he is an engineer so he had a good understanding of the character Steve Jobs. The poor guy even went on the all Fruitarian diet that was a staple in Job’s diet and ended up sick in the hospital.

Josh Gad was hilarious and a comedian on stage for 9:00am; I loved it. I also found it funny Woz’s complaint to Josh on the movie was on his wardrobe…really of all things?

Regardless most think Ashton was a wrong fit for this movie but he does have a good understanding of technology…for an actor that is.

Below is the trailer…

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