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Sony EX Series Earbuds

by on July 31st, 2012

MDREX210BBLKWhile at the FORD event they gave us the Sony EX Series Earbuds. I’m rather attached to my BEATS headphones or my normal white ear buds that come with my iPhone so I was skeptical to try them at first.

I finally unboxed them when I got back and noticed how cool these EX Series earbuds from Sony truly are (I broke my iPhone earbuds). First they have 3 different sizes of hybrid silicone earbuds and they had a small one that fit perfectly in my tiny ear cannels. Once I tried them I use them daily for my traveling, walking in the city and to cancel out noise. There was a crying baby on the plane; apparently I didn’t hear it (the poor guy next to me did though).  They feature 13.5mm driver units on each earbud to provide sound reproduction with a good bass performance.

Their 39.99 on the Sony website and also come in blue. Lets hope I don’t break these in a matter of days. 

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Best $5 I spent- Tech & Go

by on July 30th, 2012

IMG_2929I recently went to Texas for a family emergency and though I charge my iPhone on the regular traveling back and forth between two cities will drain the battery when using Pandora 1. I left San Francisco so sudden I left my car charger and was in dyer need of juice for my iPhone.

I went to Walgreens after hearing I could get an inexpensive adaptor utilizing my USB plug. Little did I know that for only $5.00 you can get the Tech &Go USB adaptable car charger. Embarrassingly I went to the cashier and said “This is awesome and for $5.00? I feel like I should pay you for this (granted I was a a tad delirious given my family emergency).” 

When I brought over to my friends house their first question was did you have to get pink…why yes…yes I did! If your on the go and running out of juice on your phone this Tech &Go little guy is not only inexpensive but it does the trick.


Fifty Shades of Tech

by on July 29th, 2012

Yes – technology.

Whoever hasn’t purchased Fifty Shades of Grey, read the free downloadable PDF version, or used their friend’s kindle/nook password to read the one they bought is missing out. Not missing out on like having an extraordinary life or anything – because I’m sure you all are already having that, but you need to experience it. Many folks would not have been able to experience it though, especially because they were sold out or selling out quicker than they could be replaced – so thanks TECH for making this all happen!

I wasn’t one of the early adopters – I didn’t run to the stands, or wasn’t the trend setter behind people reading the book on NYC’s public transportation. I’m okay with that. I needed more than just sex and had my thoughts on who the audience of this book would be, considering the main topic.
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Women scoring higher IQs than men – all it took was 100 years!

by on July 16th, 2012

Today, after over 100 years of taking this darn exam – women are finally scoring above men. The standard

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Web Wednesday:

by on July 11th, 2012

I have been on a journey to tackle this terrible thing called jiggle and I’ve been using all sorts of tech to help me.

This weekend I downloaded and have been actively using ‘My Fitness Pal’ app on my Android, I recently joined a gym, and have a plethora of DVDs that I ordered or burned from friends…Today was different though. Actually, not only today, but for the past month things have been different because I upgraded my work laptop, so now I have a nice, light, slim Lenovo ThinkPad x220 – w/ no drive! So I can’t watch my DVDs on the go 🙁

I tried doing the ‘home workout’ with a kettlebell that I purchased, after reading ‘The Four Hour Body‘ (of course), and boy did I work up a sweat! I probably also pulled a butt muscle because I don’t really know how to work out with these cast iron kettlebells but then I googled my way into this awesome site – My O My…FREE WORKOUT VIDEOs – tailored for the use of a kettlebell! Could it have been more perfect??

Check out and like them on Facebook! Marianne is the gorgeous, talented, fitness guru on the site – learn more about her here.

I’ll let you know how the workout goes – let the swinging begin!

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Favorite Website/App of the Week:

by on July 9th, 2012

I once heard the worst lie one can believe, is a lie you tell yourself. Sounds like a circular reference in Excel, but another way to say it is saying you cheat yourself, when you try to cheat. That’s what I told a friend over the weekend, as he logged in his activity for the day.

Let me explain. My friend has an app – My Fitness Pal. It’s available for iPhone and Android phones and he convinced me of its value. He told me he sets goals, enters his activity and also what he consumes. The app helps convert that data into caloric representations (not sure if that is the proper way to say that, but im sure you understand). So if you want to lose a pound a week, in 7 weeks, it’ll tell you how much it would take to do so. It will tell you to minimize how much you consume, and also tell you how much you burn dependant on your activity. If you lie and say you ran for 20 minutes, instead of the 10 minute brisk walk that you actually took, who are you hurting? No one, but yourself. That is why this app is better the more honest you are with yourself.

My friend downloaded it, added some of her friends and with the accountability involved, and the friends to witness her activity, she has already seen a difference in her choices when it comes to driving, walking, or eating specific foods.

It seems like a great app to get, so check out the website to learn more about it. It is FREE – completely FREE and the more energy you put into it, the more results you’ll see.

(If you want me to be your fitness pal – look me up @ lacutegeek)

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I’m about to have my iPhone 4 Blinged- Review to follow

by on July 9th, 2012

I got an email to see if I can check this product out; I love cases because if it wasn’t for them my iPhone would in many of pieces with a cracked screen. In the mean time enjoy this press release sent to me about Bling My Thing till I review the case.

Bling My Thing Designer Smartphone Cases Now Available on

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Day 3 Ford Cont’d:-( WordPress is playing games w/ me…

by on July 9th, 2012

This is after I had the opportunity to be in the truck and realize what I just experienced. After owning a few trucks I had to admire FORD’s engineering and technology navigation tools they are implementing in their vehicles.

Enter video caption here

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Go Further with FORD day 3

by on July 9th, 2012

BEST SPRINTDay 3 was racing day. Many of my friends were nervous of me racing cars on the FORD race track after experiencing my driving but I think it’s improved. Some said go to Malibu race track and I just nodded and smiled. I’m from Texas land of sleet, black ice, tornados, hail, and I-35- I GOT THIS!

Our first station was a relay race which I jokingly said “oh crap if there is a baton I am screwed” and there it was. DANG IT! I knew Mike knew cars so we decided to rely on his driving skills and my technology skills. I did the call from the car, Mike used the Escape auto parallel park and I did the hands free release for the Escape trunk. Both didn’t work to our favor because we didn’t win but Mike and I had the best sprint.

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Go Further w/ Ford Day 2

by on July 8th, 2012

Go FurtherOn day 2 at FORD I had the pleasure of meeting Mike from Technobuffalo and Jeffrey from geekazine. We named ourselves the three stooges and I spent my day with these guys. Definitely check out their site as they had better camera equipment than I. Another PIC (partner in crime) is Jo from who helped snag some key shots I didn’t get.

We had 4 trend sessions color coded by our badge and we just had to follow the giant lollipop with our color to the next location.

FORD Sessions based on my Survey:

Session 1: Streamline and Simplify session with speakers John Hendricks from Microsoft and Gary Clayton from Nuance communication.

Gary is a San Francisco native who understands the commute from the city to Silicon Valley via 101. I loved Gary’s remark about the Dick Tracy watch. I related to him the most because I had that commute for 2 years and frankly if I could have someone think for me or go on autopilot I would (try being stuck in traffic during Giants or 49s games).

Biometric seatsI had the opportunity to speak with John Hendricks after the session and quite a unique person. He speaks to the demographic by saying technology wise we just want to turn it on and function.

During this Session we also got to check out the FORD Biometric seats and how it can impact your driving capability. It can transform speech from touch or gesture. If your about to change lanes and there is someone in your blindside their current navigation can notify you.

I had the great pleasure of seeing Mike and Jeffrey test out the biometric seat and almost hyperventilate.

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