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More 3D Games for Kids

by on February 28th, 2012

3D Bears is going to be released this March for the App Store, Android Market, and Amazon AppStore. It is a silly, fun game for children that allows them to dress the bears up head-to-toe in over 140 accessories and clothing options. Then, they are able to put the bears on stage and make them dance. Tap dancing, ballet, hip-hop, these bears know how to move!

I personally love apps like 3D Bears. They are perfect when I need to entertain my child in the car, at the doctor’s office, or on the train. I like that it is something that will make him giggle and is engaging. It’s an adorable little game, so be sure to check it out!


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The Gift of Pandora One

by on February 21st, 2012

I was gifted with the Pandora One and now that I have my iPhone 4 I wonder how I survived without it?! Those that know me well know I am a goof ball-I have a Pandora Kris Kross station and the humiliation does not stop there…I have an 80’s station and an NKOTB station…

To be honest this is one of the best gifts (not for all girls dudes) as music to me is the best way to escape or reminisce when life was simple. Usability was not only simple but being able to skip the BS with no commercials was a major plus! Below are the specs; if your chick is like me she will love this!

Pandora One

For a yearly payment of $36, Pandora listeners can upgrade to a Pandora One account. The benefits of Pandora One are:
• All advertising removed
• Access to the Pandora One Desktop App, which functions independently of a browser window
Higher Quality Audio – Listen to Pandora at 192 KBps on the web or in the Desktop App
• Increased number of skips – The 12 skip per day limit is removed (the 6 skips per station per hour limit remains)
Custom skins – Surround the Pandora tuner with a range of designs


Ah, Reboot, Le freak, c’est chic…

by on February 19th, 2012

ATT Imagine your all snuggled your in your bed with a cold/ flu buzzed on Theraflu or Nyquil and all you want to do is watch TV and forget you have 102 fever…and then an error message comes on your cable channel. There is now no cable and and since your motor skills aren’t as on target (remember you are on Nyquil/ Theraflu) what do you do at 2am? Or what if you’re a mom and right in the middle of the kiddo’s cartoons when this error occurs? I am guessing a lot of tantrums and confusion would end up occurring? I know I don’t have kids but I have younger brothers and I know for a fact this would not fly with them when they were younger.

I, on the other hand, blankly stared at the screen thinking maybe it will fix itself in my Nyquil state thinking are these instructions serious? Who has time especially for all those Mom’s and Dad’s out there who have toddlers running around have time to take action to all these steps. It reminded me of this song I use to sing in any office I worked in when we had the blue screen (ironic) of death…

”Ah, Reboot, Le freak, c’est chic.”

I have to admit the first time I would say this people would laugh but anyone else tries to make it theirs not so much…I have witnessed itSmile. Glad to know 10 years after I created this little song from the 70’s disco song “Ah, Reboot, Le freak, c’est chic” IT still asks you: “Did you try to reboot?” I always reply with a sarcastic remark.

I resolved the problem by yes rebooting. There should just be one sentence-let’s not complicate something as simple as cable. “You have reached the blue screen of death please reboot and if the problem continues please call yada yada”. Easy right?

At 2am on Nyquil 5 steps just seems excessive. Who has time and brain capacity to check cables and play the reboot game?

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Guess who’s back? NINA the OG Cutegeeker (besides Radiris of Course:-) )

by on February 6th, 2012

I got an iPhone and want to know what accessories and cases I should get. What’s your favorite app?Cutegeek Fans give me your advise and tell me what has worked best for your iPhone?!

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What a Cute Geek wants for Valentines Day

by on February 5th, 2012

With Valentines day right around the corner, I decided to make a guide on what we would love to get for Valentines day. Please don’t call 1800-Flowers, or send me chocolates, and while a teddy bear would be nice, I really want technology and things to better use the technology I have.

Flowers die, chocolate gets devoured and end up on my thighs, but my technology last a full TWO months until a new version comes out – I kid, I kid. I had a bit of trouble on deciding on how many items to include in this short guide, but after the oh so wonderful win tonight (Go Giants!) I decided to just put 4 items – to highlight how much we won by… Continue Reading…

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Web Wednesday:

by on February 1st, 2012

imageA recent study by shows that 94% of us who pay for broadband in these United States of America feel that we overpay for our broadband internet connection. I am one of those 94%.

But shopping around for broadband isn’t easy either. The same study found that 35% of us are discouraged by how complex it is to research broadband. I find it difficult to just find out who services my home.

This is why this weeks Web Wednesday site is They make it easy, for us to find the best deal in your area. In these hard economic times I am all for saving money and why not lower my broadband bill?

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