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Public Beta Norton Identity Safe

by on January 31st, 2012

clip_image002I have tons of passwords to remember, from my favorite shopping sites, to those local deal sites I am addicted too and lets not forget my bank accounts. I have so many passwords I often click the “Forgot Password” link so that I can either get a reminder, the password or reset the password.

My life may be getting a little bit easier as, Symantec is releasing in beta their Identity safe. The software will allow you to store your passwords in the cloud so that you don’t have to remember them. I am signing up right now!

The software is available for free during the beta test at


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Fun with the Fiat 500

by on January 27th, 2012

This week I was given a Fiat. A Fiat 500. I went back into the rental office and asked if there was anything else.

It was way too small for me. My body started aching from the thought of having my knees at my chin as I drove home…and even though I begged for anything else, and even offered to pay extra for anything else – all they had was a Crown Royale. So I J-Lo-ed my behind home…

And fell in love with this little beauty of a car. Watch the video to check out my thoughts.

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Web Wednesday:

by on January 25th, 2012

It seems like once one gift-giving occasion is over, another one is on its way. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, i wanted to bring this hidden gem of a site to light.  I first heard of it through Oprah’s O magazine (which i absolutely adore) and fell in love with all of the cool potential gifts showcased in it.

You can go to: for exclusive offers, just make sure to use code omagazine =)

Check it out!

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Choose to Work or Choose to Breed

by on January 24th, 2012

And why we shouldn’t!

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a picture that just speaks to me. I saw this picture yesterday on one of my Facebook friend’s feeds and I had to share. The woman in the picture is Licia Ronzulli and she is a member of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s People of Freedom Party. The reason why the picture caught my attention is because it shows a woman, a professional woman, being a caring mother. To some that may sound like an oxymoron, but to me, it’s inspiring. It is inspiring to see a woman, with a career, not just a job, who openly admits and shows the world that she didn’t have to choose a career or choose to breed.  I copied that phrase from someone who commented on the picture – because they said she should choose to do one or the other.  

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Favorite Website of the Week:

by on January 23rd, 2012 has been around for a long time, and everyone knows ‘its’ face – and probably even the voice behind it.  I have started using it religiously because the savings are unbelievable.  From cars, to hotels, to even flights – the savings are sprinkled all throughout the site and the ‘Name Your Own Price’ feature blows away the competition. 

I really enjoy using and feel like it’s worth mentioning because and other flight search sites do not always show all of the airlines, for example,  Using I am able to see more flights and there are no fees associated with booking trips through it.

I started using so much recently that I even applied (and got accepted) for their Visa Rewards credit card.  My most recent travel plans consisted of a $17 car rental in Puerto Rico, $20 car rental in New York City, $50 4 star hotel in the Dominican Republic and much more.  I have yet to buy a flight using the name your own price feature because you’re required to have a lot of flexibility.  You are able to choose the dates you want to travel, but you are unaware of the times of travel, until after your price is accepted.  It’s a good deal if you have the time, but if not, just save your money on the other aspects of your trip.

Check out for your latest travel needs – especially if your plans are flexible and you are not commited to one car or hotel brand.

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Spartacus: Vengeance The Game

by on January 16th, 2012

imageToday Starz Digital Media, announced a new FaceBook game “Spartacus :Vengeance The Game, which will launch on the 27th of January in conjunction with the third season of Spartacus on Starz.

Fans of the TV Series are invited to view a video teaser of the game, and be notified when the game is available.

Starz also announced that that on Friday the 20th of January you can watch the first episode of Spartacus for free at it will also be available for free on demand from Comcast, DirectTV, Dish Network and Charter.

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Drink healthy At Jamba Juice

by on January 11th, 2012

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Web Wednesday:

by on January 11th, 2012

I am a fan of piggy banks and can admit to probably being a collector
of them. While I don’t have a ton, I do have about 4 at my home and I love them. My mom recently gave me one for Christmas – a Hello Kitty one and I absolutely love it. If I find a nice can of some sort, I’ll turn it into a piggy bank –it isn’t always useful though because sometimes having the money around makes it feel like we can spend it, so why not open up a virtual piggy bank? A piggy bank that will help you track your progress towards a goal by deducting whatever it is you need, per week, or month, to reach it.

I opened up an account with and I’ve decided to use it to save money for vacations.  It’s something I don’t want to think about, yet still want to do.

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Who said learning can’t be fun?

by on January 10th, 2012

Tell that to Julianne – who absolutely loves playing with her Sesame Street Rockin ABC Big Bird doll.

Watch the power of music move her – literally…

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Coolest Travel Charger Yet

by on January 9th, 2012

I’ve always thought that cell phones, iPhones, and the like should automatically stop charging when the battery is full.
Why? Because it would preserve your battery for a longer time and your gadget would have a longer life span. This year at CES my dream is coming true, well in a way…

The folks at Bracketron created something called a Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger.

The charger automatically senses when your device is fully charged and cuts off the power! They aren’t available yet. The official unveiling of the Travel Charger is this week at CES.

The product is intended on being planet friendly, so we don’t waste electricity and at the same time we save on our utility bills.  Personally, I think this is great for both the earth as well as extending the lives of our beloved products! I know that I’m definitely guilty of leaving my phone charging overnight…which is MUCH longer than it requires to be plugged in. I need one …NEED one of these… or 3 of them… 😉

Would you use the Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger?

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