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Newegg Halloween Promo

by on October 31st, 2011

newegg.logo[1]Today hundreds of customers received a special gift from 12 dozen eggs, and in those 12 dozen eggs there was 1 orange egg with a prize ranging from a 5 dollar gift card to a beanie.

Some even luckier Newegg customers got a special GOLDEN egg which contains a $1000 gift certificate! I believe only four lucky customers got them. I got nothing but Michael Reyes from won a 4GB USB stick.

Neweggs purpose of the promotion was to let all of us know that their Black Friday sales take place the entire month of November and not just that Friday and Weekend after thanks giving.

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My Best Buy Holiday Wish list

by on October 31st, 2011

4032073358_ec63e763e8_oI’m a geek CuteGeek! And as a CuteGeek one of my favorite pass times is shopping, and one of my favorite places to shop at (especially during the holidays) is Best Buy and The reason is because their prices tend to blow out the competition, have a larger selection of items and typically have everything I want; from that big screen TV to that tiny keychain digital picture frame or as you can tell from my picture everything for my Wii (which I purchased last year)!

Best Buy is the spot to go to for batteries, movies, games and even some of your favorite child-hood candy since their checkout counters resemble the latest CVS – with a ton of impulse buys, that I, impulsely buy 🙂 – it’s where I go when I need an electronic that I prefer to touch and feel, instead of just checking out through a click. That’s why our first sneak-peak holiday gift guide of the season are things that I want/have/recommend from Best Buy.

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A “Wicked” Little Giveaway…

by on October 27th, 2011

Halloween is around the corner so we have a “Wicked” little giveaway for all of you!

Cutegeek is giving away a pair of  Wicked Little Buds to the guy, gal or ghoul that posts the silliest (keep it clean so I can tell it to my kids) joke to this post.  These “barely-there” light weight, mini-buds are noise-isolating with an edgy look, petite, semi-glossy and available in four colors. Check out the audio demo on their site. This little bud keeps out alot and delivers sweet sound quality in a petite package.

We will choose our winner on Halloween to break out your party humor and let’s see what you’ve got.

Want to bias the judge (think “Maya”)…then I will give you a little insider tip: She is partial to knock-knock jokes….

Happy Haunting…



Firmware Update for GoFlex Satellite

by on October 26th, 2011

satellite-firmware[1]GoFlex Satellite owners there is a new firmware update for your wireless hard drive.

The new firmware is version and it has a host of new features. My favorite being the ability to add music to a photo slide show. You also can now view your music’s album art.

This is the first update of the firmware since it was released in July. Wendy Wick had a chance to review it and she loved it. Check out her review here.

You can download the firmware and also see instructions on how to update the device here.

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WD Live TV

by on October 25th, 2011

wdfWDTV_Livenetwork.jpg[1]Two weeks ago Michael Reyes from let me hold his brand spanking new WD TV Live streaming media player, and I have yet to give it back. He probably won’t get it back either because it’s an awesome device.

The WD TV Live allows me to stream content from my computer, or network storage device and see it on my television. I can now easily show my friends and family pictures with out them hovering around my laptop’s monitor, or I can watch Netflix, Hulu (Oh man I used to love this show called Outlaw), rent movies from Blockbuster and CinemaNow, and even listen to music from Pandora or Spotify. You will have to update your Spotify account but it is well worth it. I can even check my Facebook without opening my laptop.

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MAINGEAR to offer Intel Core i7 2700k Overclocked

by on October 23rd, 2011

MAINGEAR today informed the world that they will have the the new Intel Core i7 2700k in their Shift and F131 desktops.

The i7 2700K is a quad-core (4 core) processor with a clock speed of 3.5GHz and 3.9GHz Turbo boost. MAINGEAR is also overclock the 2700K Intel processor to 5GHZ which will make it SUPER fast, think of all the multi-tasking I can do!!!

The price of the F131 and Shift with the 2700k is $1228 and $1985. I in no way can afford one, at least not right now but would love to have one. For more info click here.

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Holidays are Coming so here are some Deals!

by on October 21st, 2011

How_to_Save_Money_1[1]I was strolling through K-Mart the other day and was astonished to see Christmas decorations already on sale. Halloween hasn’t even passed and they are already selling us Christmas Goodies.

So with Christmas right around the corner and the economic situation many of us are in, I thought it would be a good idea to share various deals I encounter from now on until the Holidays and who knows maybe I’ll continue to share them after the holidays.

So here are some deals that made their way into my inbox today!

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Want to Avoid New Bank Fees? Try One of These 3 Free Checking Accounts

by on October 19th, 2011

Bank customers are not happy. With more big banks imposing new banking fees without improving their services, consumers are becoming more vocal than ever. But how many of those customers will be walking away from their banks? Will you?

If you’re considering switching, but don’t know where to turn, Credit Karma has done some research for you into some of the best free checking accounts. Check out these three suggestions and decide whether or not you should make the switch.

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Web Wednesday: – get free music online

by on October 19th, 2011

Say goodbye to not being able to get your favorite song because its either not out – or because your latest jam is a crazy mix you heard on is hereeee!!

Thankfully, my wonderful cousin told me about it this weekend and he opened up my eyes to a whole new world of wonderful. While I still buy albums – yes, I do support – I am also a fan of NOT having to spend money, so the way this works is that this website converts your files, as long as they are up to 100MB, into almost whatever you want – from a file or from a website…

Have a favorite video on Want to listen to the song on your way to work? Well put the URL, choose the file type, enter your email and bada, bing, bada, boom! You’re all set.

The file will be available for 24 hours after receipt of the email, and you get all of this for how much? Oh wait, its free!!

Enjoy – we have to take advantage while this lasts!!

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Own a Blackberry Free Apps Coming your Way

by on October 17th, 2011

blackberry_logo[1]Due to that huge service outage last week, Research in Motion (RIM) has said it will give blackberry users free premium apps valued up to $100. The Free premium apps will be available starting October 19th and will remain free for 4 weeks. RIM has also said enterprise customers will get one free month of Technical Support.

Tens of millions of Blackberry customers world wide were left with out email for up to a day,

So if you have a Blackberry check the App World starting Wednesday for those free Premium Apps!

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