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Google Chrome Snuck Into My Life!

by on January 25th, 2011

Earlier today I accidentally opened my Mozilla Firefox browser. I say accidentally because ever since I downloaded Google Chrome, I have primarily used that and ONLY that. The only exception would be when a website looks all funky in Chrome I will open Explorer (because it’s the default and I’ve learned from experience that it will look best in those situations).

Chrome is soooooooo fast, and if you need a reminder of how fast it really is, click on your Mozilla or IE shortcut. Test it out!

I use the Proxy Switchy plug-in to manage and switch from personal, work and client proxies, and…SURPRISE it works! I also have the Foxy Proxy plug-in on Mozilla which is designed to automatically detect which connection you are using and then it changes the proxy accordingly…or at least that is the theory. It works, but not all the time and I have gotten so frustrated with fixing the settings that I have moved away from using Firefox.

I like the “New Tab” page and how it displays the website you frequent most, and the most recent closed tabs (this way if you restart you don’t have to worry about where you found those amazing shoes after web browsing 2 hours, I kid I kid).

Google Chrome has changed my web influenced life.

Since the browser has been out for quite some time, do you use it? What’s your favorite feature?

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Toshiba Satellite M645

by on January 24th, 2011

It have spent approximately two months with this beauty and I love love love it. I wanted to review the things that make this laptop special and different from all the rest out on the market.

The notebook itself is small but it has one powerful set of speakers! Thank you Harman/kardon and dobly advanced audio. I like to stay entertained and when you live by yourself it’s nice to have some background noise.  With this laptop it’s less noise and more sound (yes corny but true). I like to listen to music while I am cooking but lack the counter space to have it in the kitchen. With this laptop it doesn’t matter because I can hear it from the other room and the sound is not distorted! Continue Reading…

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Galet Luxury USB Key

by on January 20th, 2011

Novero may have $100,000 Bluetooth headsets, but LACIE has a Luxury Galet USB Key designed by the French luxury brand Christofle and unlike the Novero Bluetooth headsets I can afford the Galet.

The Galet is available with 4GB of Storage and will cost you $130. It’s currently available at Christofle boutiques around the world and online at

It’s a really beautiful piece, check the video below.

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Starbucks’ New Beverage Size: Trenta

by on January 19th, 2011


Starbucks is introducing the Trenta which is a whopping 31oz and will only be available for their iced beverages.

According to the National Post, Starbucks claims that the “unsweetened drinks in the new size will have fewer than 90 calories and that sweetened versions will have less than 230 calories.” I am having some trouble believing the above statement considering that their Venti Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino with whipped cream comes in at about 520 Calories.
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2011 Lincoln MKX

by on January 18th, 2011

Ford Motor Company loaned Michael Reyes of the 2011 Lincoln MKX for a week, fully loaded I might add. While he wouldn’t remove himself from the drivers seat so I could drive, he did show me all the features the car had to offer.

Check out the video we made below.

I really enjoyed the car even though I wasn’t allowed to drive it. Michael did tell me it handled well. I may just head to the Ford dealership and get a test drive of my own.


CES 2011: Angry Birds!

by on January 8th, 2011

Walking through all of the ‘mommy tech’ and ‘fitness gadgets’ – the team came into the land of play…here is what we found! In May – we’ll all be able to play Angry Birds – without a phone, and without a gaming console. How cool is that???

Is anyone else excited???

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CES 2011

by on January 8th, 2011

Boy oh boy! CES is far from being the coolest, largest, consumer electronics show…what they failed to tell everyone is that it’s the most tiring! We have walked more than any person should – best part is that I’ve been tracking my steps and one day I had over 23,000 – oh man, even as a New Yorker that’s a lot!

Each night I literally crawled back into my bed (tonight I’ll do the same, although Sylwia & I gave up partying in Vegas to recoup), moaning and groaning, limping, thinking about all the cool stuff we should write about…but then I fall asleep…We’ll be updating with some of our favorite things from CES. Until then, be patient, get your rest on, and be thankful your feet do not need surgery. (Oh & I didn’t even dare wear cute shoes – only comfy ones.)

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Girls Out Loud Episode 23: Where we Deeply Explore Facebook Ads

by on January 7th, 2011

This week on the Girls Out Loud show, Maya and Cristina discuss that whopping $50B Facebook valuation due to the new Goldman Sachs investment. Somehow it evolves into a discussion about Facebook ads, something Maya works with every day. Needless to say, there could be some improvements made. We then discuss the Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Vegas to see if it’s really as great as it once was. Brand new Apple iPad 2 casing was shown off at the event which seems to be the only highlight we could spot. The Mac App Store was released this week to many awaiting fans, some of whom were disappointed in the new model for desktop software. Take a listen and enjoy the show! Continue Reading…

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Brilliant Women in Technology: Meet Hailey Bright

by on January 1st, 2011

Happy New Year Cute Geeks! Meet our first brilliant woman of 2011 – Hailey Bright!!

Meet our
-Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

I grew up in Tennessee and I’m a total Southern girl. I love fried food, boating on the lake, and playing cards on a Sunday afternoon. I love dance, art, and running. I grew up playing old school video games like Mario and Duck Hunt. My brother and I spent hours playing Mario when it first came out. We were totally obsessed!

-How did you get started in technology, or at your current position?

Growing up I was always interested in tech and computer stuff. I’m like the go-to girl that all of my friends call when they have tech questions or their computer breaks down. Then, 3 years ago I started hosting Coin-Op TV Live (, an internet tv show about video games and tech. Since then I have been hosting a lot of different shows on video games and tech. Currently I am hosting a monthly tech series for Toshiba on their latest tech gadgets hitting the market. It’s a ton of fun getting paid to geek out all day!!
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