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Credit Karma Tidbit #1: Credit Cards Can Be Your Best Friend… Or Just Plain Evil

by on August 31st, 2010

One lesson parents should have taught us is the other golden rule: Treat your money the way you want to be treated. Instead, many of us learn the pitfalls of money management by living it and learning from our mistakes. Case study #1: My friend just learned how credit card interest rates work… and almost keeled over when she realized how much she’s paying in interest monthly. Case study #2: Another friend maxed out her credit card, so her issuer closed her card, which dented her credit score. Maybe a financial blunder you’ve made before is a case study of its own.

So before another trial-and-error lesson in personal finance costs you cash and stress, take money matters into your own hands. That’s what Credit Karma’s column is all about: personal finance lessons to help CuteGeeks get good financial karma. Treat your money and credit the way you want to be treated, so you can save money and build a great credit score. Continue Reading…


The NETGEAR Stora: A Hub for All of Your Media

by on August 30th, 2010

When I think of NETGEAR, I usually think of storage for IT professionals and businesses, not for the average home. The NETGEAR Stora is specifically made home users to store music, movies, photos etc. and share that data in a web browser interface via your home network. I have A LOT of music – about 16 thousand songs and counting. I have them all stored on my MacBook Pro and on an external hard drive in the case of a hard drive fail. I don’t really need the storage aspect of the Stora, but what I do need is a way to play that music all over my apartment. If I have a party or just want to play music in my living room, I have to drag out my laptop, connect it to my tv and try to hide the cords and laptop all behind my TV stand. If I download a show from iTunes, I have to do the same thing all over again. I also love to multitask while watching TV and if my laptop is stuck next to my TV to play a show, it can be a real pain. The Stora solves these media consumption problems for me making it quite the lifesaver.
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Roxio Creator 2011, or, make your pictures and videos 3D!

by on August 24th, 2010

My Roxio 3D glasses.

Roxio, the software company behind a variety of disc burning software (VHS to DVD, CDs, and probably the default program on your new Windows machine for burning media) just released a new media creation and editing software called Creator 2011. Creator does all the things a traditional media editor should, like editing and burning videos to disc, creating copies of CDs and DVDs, and what have you. One thing that’s very new, however, and worthy of a whole writeup of its own, is the new 3D capabilities of the program.
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Girls Out Loud Show Episode 9: The Cold-Blooded Capitalists

by on August 18th, 2010

In Episode 9 of the Girls out Loud Show, Maya and Cristina talk everything Silicon Valley going from venture capitalists to super angels to IPOs. Then we move to the Valley’s established companies with the trials and tribulations of the search industry with Google, Yahoo and Bing. We finish off with typical Silicon Valley exec Owen Van Natta‘s career run-through of Facebook, MySpace and Zynga. Take a listen for a brief excursion to everything SV from the female perspective.

Hulu Is Said to Be Ready for an I.P.O.

VCs And Super Angels: The War For The Entrepreneur

Zynga Hires Former Facebook, MySpace Exec Owen Van Natta

Social Network Ad Spending to Approach $1.7 Billion This Year

JULY SEARCH SHARE: Google Loses, Yahoo Gains, Bing Hits Wall

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Girls Out Loud Episode 9

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Brilliant Women in Technology: Meet Hannah Simone

by on August 18th, 2010

I personally didn’t get to speak with or interview Hannah Simone as I was unable to attend the event (E3) where our CuteGeek representative met her. Which sort of sucks because after reading her answers and reading up on her she’s an amazing person. Would have been nice to have met her. But I got the second best thing, I got the task of writing up why she’s a Brilliant Women in Tech.

Hannah Simone was born in London England and as lived all over the world. From Saudi Arabia to New Delhi India where she attended school and would help organize to benefits to help women and children with Aids. In 2006 she landed in Canada where she became a VJ for MuchMusic and in 2009 she became the host of WCG Utimate Gamer, whose second season starts August 19th 2010 on the SyFy Channel. Check local listings. I always wanted to say that…I guess I still haven’t said it and I just typed it.
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Girls Out Loud Show Episode 8: The Gossip Mongerers

by on August 12th, 2010

In Episode 8 of the Girls out Loud Show, Maya and Cristina are all about speculation. They talk about the Google-Verizon policy proposal, Mark Hurd‘s troublesome exit from HP, additional hardware from Amazon and data from OkCupid which suggests that iPhone users have twice as much sex as Android users. Luckily, both Maya and Cristina have iPhones. Take a listen for the best tech speculation you’ve heard all week.

A joint policy proposal for an open Internet

Google-Verizon Pact: It Gets Worse

Amazon Is Said to Look at Hardware Beyond Kindle

Facebook’s Foursquare competitor is imminent

Don’t Be Ugly By Accident

iPhone Users Have Twice as Much Sex as Android Users (Plus! Sexiest Cameras)

H-P Board Surprised Hurd Didn’t Go Quietly

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Girls Out Loud Episode 8

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The Cute Geek Back to School Guide: Toshiba Laptops

by on August 10th, 2010

It’s back to school time for many geeks out there and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to review Toshiba laptops so that you can buy the best one for your needs. All of these laptops come with Windows 7, so if you’re a fan of the software, these are the notebooks for you. They also include Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 Edition to write all those papers. Let’s get into it!
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Girls Out Loud Episode 7: The Last Decade in Tech – From Polaroids, Books & Blackberrys to Shopkick

by on August 6th, 2010

In Episode 7 of the Girls out Loud Show, Maya and Cristina go from old technology to new, from late use of the Polaroid camera, to the greatest books of all time, to the mass consumption of email via Blackberry and to the new age of shopping with Shopkick. Come ride the tech heavy journey from the past to the future!

Did Shopkick Just Change The Check-In Game? You Be The Judge

BlackBerry Torch announced

Motorola-Verizon tablet will have FiOS TV, ten-inch screen?

What Is Microsoft’s Mysterious Black Nub?

Thirty Books Everyone Should Read Before They’re Thirty

He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died

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Girls Out Loud Episode 7

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Moisturize Your Skin While You Drive

by on August 5th, 2010

Nissan Motor Company made a rather interesting annoucement today. They announced a concept called “Health and well-being” and the concept will allow your car that to moisturize your skin while you drive.

Basically the cars will dispense vitamin C from the air conditioner, and as we know vitamin C is good for your skin and even clears up acne.

Nissan did not say what models or in what countries the vitamin dispensing car will be available in, but I am sure it will be a girls best friend where ever its available.