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Review: I love my new Joby Gorillapod

by on March 31st, 2010


As you all know I take a ton of pictures and video’s for cutegeek. I had seen the Joby Gorillapod before and was jealous of the owner; it is one of my favorite products right now! I received a cute pink one to test out and quickly began playing around with it.

What is so cool about the Joby Gorillapod you may ask? Well its has flexible and wrappable legs that you can attach to almost any surface for your digital camera or mini video camera. Though I love my huge tripod at home it is quite bulky to take on the go. The Joby Gorillapod has a quick release clip so you can easily take off the camera and also has a lock for that feature as well so your camera will not fall off. The Joby Gorillapod comes in 7 different colors for your creative and personalized pleasure. Continue Reading…


Review: Hyperkin Baseball Bat

by on March 31st, 2010


When I got this Hyperkin Baseball bat set in the mail I got flashbacks of how bad I was as a child playing softball. Fortunately with my Wii Sports I rock at it and there are no balls flying towards my face (I have received a black eye from playing Lacrosse in college).

The Wii Baseball Bat with Sound Plus lets you feel and hear every swing of your baseball bat as though you were hitting home runs at AT&T ballpark (Go Giants!). The Hyperkin Wii Baseball bat is made from a soft foam material so you won’t kill your TV if you loose your grip or in excitement throw your bat down running imaginary bases (I so would do that)! Below is me testing it out; I have to admit I almost felt like a baseball pro plus the sound made it believable.


Also this is made for all ages so it’s great for the entire family. It retails for around 24.99 and I believe it’s a great accessory for your Wii…so get it cutegeekers! Below are the product specs…

  • Internal Sound Plus™
  • Soft foam material is safe, durable and fun
  • Compatible with Wii Motion Plus
  • Includes two baseball bats and two handles
  • White color

    Web Wednesday: Google Reader Play

    by on March 31st, 2010

    I’m not quite sure when they enacted it, and I’m pretty surprised that more people (or at least what I have read and seen online) haven’t talked about it: Google Reader…Play!

    Okay, for those of you where are also new to Google Reader, it’s basically another RSS feed for all of your favorite sites. Instead of visiting 10 different places, it pulls the latest articles for your perusal. The other interesting thing about Google Reader is that you can share articles that you enjoy with your select friends on Google.

    I love Google Reader for catching up on all the latest pieces on the Web…but, as it usually tends to go, I ended up overpopulating my Google Reader with TONS of different blogs. One day, I noticed this message:

    Google Reader Play is a fun way to browse interesting stuff on the web. Give it a try!

    When I clicked on it, this is what I saw:

    Google Reader

    Although there are still some kinks to work out, I enjoy using it (especially when I don’t have tons of time in my day and night).  As you can see, Google Reader Play pulls some of the trending articles, pictures, links and more.  I’m not quite sure where the algorithm comes from, but so far I’ve found some pretty fun things.

    It isn’t without problems.  For example, once you scroll through all of them Google Reader Play runs out of recommendations.  So sad.  Of course, this is remedied when you wait and peruse it again the next day.  Also, Google Reader Play can also get a little redundant.

    Even though it’s not perfect, it’s something I’d definitely recommend checking out.  I’m curious though…what RSS feeders to you cute geeks use out there…or do you get them straight to email?

    The Internet is a big place. There are so many sites to read, widgets to play with, and viral videos to watch. In the midst of all the trending topics and links being sent around, sometimes there are those little tidbits on the Internet that go unnoticed. Have something to share? Drop me a line at!

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    The heart – Our internal hard drive

    by on March 27th, 2010

    What does your heart and your computer have in common?

    A hard drive.

    The hard drive because it keeps all your information in one place. My internal hard drive would include ex boyfriends, new crushes, past lovers, horrid affairs and most of all future catches.
    Continue Reading…

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    HP Design Challenge on Project Runway!!!

    by on March 26th, 2010

    Project Runway – Lifetime’s hit TV show hosted by Heidi Klum – had a nice surprise tonight. Tonight contestants were challenged with creating fabrics using HP’s TouchSmart PC. The challenge was a first of its kind and was complemented with the divine presence of the oh-so-beautiful Vivienne Tam – who works closely with HP and their beautifully designed minis (I want oneeeeeeeee). She also uses HP’s TouchSmart PC when designing her own fashion line.

    Having used HP’s TouchSmart last summer, I can say that it definitely allows you to ‘do’ more in every single sense imaginable. You can squeeze, slide, pinch, fling – pretty much anything and everything. Imagine how much you could do if you tried creating your own clothes?? The patterns designed by the contestants were the basis behind their looks tonight.
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    Review: ScanSnap S1300 by Fujitsu

    by on March 25th, 2010



    I recently received the ScanSnap S1300 and did the unboxing video here!  I had a funny visual moment when I read that it was portable. I had a vision of someone walking around with a Netbook and the ScanSnap S1300 in downtown San Francisco on Market street computing and scanning.  I do realize that is not what it’s meant for though my mental visual made me laugh! The ScanSnap S1300 is made for business people on the go who need a quick scanner, portable users (I bet this could even work on a plane though I didn’t get to fly and test it) or for those who have a small work space and need a scanner. What I found intriguing when I did the unboxing is that you can power it via USB for the ultimate portable experience. Nice! I loved that it was very light in weight and realized why its made for folks on the go.


    I quickly downloaded the ScanSnap S1300 software for the product which by no means took long at all and started scanning. I kind of put it to the test by scanning a very thick card board flyer and it worked! I scanned my cutegeek business card as well and though it was slanted going in it scanned straight.IMG_2230 Continue Reading…

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    Review: Hyperkin Golf Set for Wii

    by on March 24th, 2010

    Sound Plus

    While sitting at home wondering what my day will bring I got the Hyperkin Golf set product in the mail (I think my UPS man comes to my condo more that anyone else!).  When I got them initially I was excited because the Golf set was in pink!  I love my Wii because it makes me feel like I can actually play golf, baseball or bowl.

    I have to be honest I was a bit out of it when doing the unboxing and couldn’t figure out how to attach my Wii control to the clubs. I finally figured it out. Check out my goofy unboxing here! Once I connected them I put on my Wii and tried them out. THEY WERE AWESOME! I loved that I could hear them hit the golf ball and how it felt like I was actually using a club. I also tried it on Wii Fit to practice my Wii swing and it was just as easy and fun to use (plus I got a work out). This is one of my favorite accessories for my Wii so far…until I try the bat that Hyperkin also sent (stay tuned for that review). I think the soft safe foam design is also perfect for kids (just don’t let your dog get a hold of it, HA). Below are the product specs and pricing.IMG_2068


    Product Highlights:
    ·         Built-in Internal Sound Device
    ·         Accurately simulates the sounds of a baseball bat, tennis ball or golf ball being struck
    ·         Motion Plus compatible
    ·         Patent pending technology
    ·         Soft, durable and safe foam design
    ·         Available in White, Blue and Pink
    ·         Available: Now
    ·         Suggested Retail: $19.99- 24.99

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    Web Wednesday: My Famebook

    by on March 24th, 2010

    Okay, so if you’re a cute geek chances are you’re on Facebook.  With the site overtaking Google for the first time as the most popular destination on the Web, you’re really missing out on a chunk of culture if you’re one of the few profile-less people out there.

    For the rest of us that are on Facebook, you’ve probably seen a lot of people with the “my year in status updates” around December of 2009. I thought it was pretty neat; after all, I tend to forget all of my status updates and now they are all there in one place. Now, a new site has taken it even further…enter My Famebook, a site that aggregates all of your updates in one place and puts it into a real notebook.


    Basically, it’s three easy steps: you connect your Facebook account, pick your “wittiest friends” (according to the site), customize and preview it and you’re done! The site automatically picks from your stream and each page has a post from your feed. Ever wanted to write a book but didn’t have the time? Maybe you’ve been doing it all along. Need a unique coffee table book? Here it is. Or hey, how about a trip down a digital memory lane the old fashioned way? Yup, this would be it.

    Of course, I do wonder if they would ever figure out a way for you to make this into a gift. Maybe one day you could stream in updates from someone else. What do you guys think? Is this a real famebook, or kind of a lamebook?

    The Internet is a big place. There are so many sites to read, widgets to play with, and viral videos to watch. In the midst of all the trending topics and links being sent around, sometimes there are those little tidbits on the Internet that go unnoticed. Have something to share? Drop me a line at!

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    Review: Macbook Case from Applesac / Colcasac

    by on March 19th, 2010

    When I first got in the Applesac/ Colcasac in the mail I was confused on why would someone need a sleeve like this till I did my research and then I understood. It is made to be a functional sleeve that is created from premium heavy natural fibers (burlap) and 100% polyester sherpa fleece. Its’ surface is meant to handle the rugged world while its’ inside provides a scratch-free protection for your Apple’s surface. It fits snugly around your MacBook and suppose to act as a theft deterrent since no one associates burlap with a portable. Interesting…but correct as I would never think of the burlap sleeve / case as having a notebook in it.
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    Review: My Products!

    by on March 19th, 2010

    As you all know I created my shapeway products less than 2 weeks ago and awaited to see how well I did. To be fair I am not the most intuit when it comes to 3-D imaging so I was curious on how my shapeway objects came out. When I received my package I liked my stylist that I created though I wonder considering I am abusive on consumer goods how long it will last me:-).

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